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REVIEW: UAL's Festive Menu

By BaxterStorey 12 Dec 2017

We sat down with students, Henna, AJ and Charlie to taste-test the new Festive Menu in UAL canteens! YUM.

Check out their reviews of all the new festive menu items:



Yule Luv it - Hand carved turkey crown with a homemade pork stuffing and cranberry sauce
Charlie: It tastes like Christmas! I’m a big fan of that one, I’d say a 7.5 out of 10, but nothing can ever be a 10. I don’t think I’ve ever had a sandwich in my life which is a 10. This is definitely my number one.

Roast beef, horseradish and pickled onion
Charlie: I’m representing the meat-eating fans, so I'm feeling a lot of pressure. It is nice, but I wouldn’t personally say it is the 'Christmassy'. 
AJ: Very accurate
Charlie: I’m not a massive horseradish fan but I think it goes well with this beef and in a weird way is quite spicy in a way, it’s got a kick.


Brie and cranberry baguette
AJ: “I love the Brie, especially when it is warm in that melt”
Black beans and hummus sandwich 
AJ: I really like it as I'm a big hummus fan, it’s difficult to say which one is my favourite, but I really like the bread with this one.
Henna: I actually really like this one, as the vegetarian, I actually prefer this one out of the two veggie options. I like brie too but prefer this one.


Amaretto Latte
Charlie: It’s really nice. I like it, it’s quite sweet.
Henna: Yeah I found it quite sweet, but I like quite strong sweet tastes.
Ayanna: Yes, is it nice. I am not a big of coffee but this is a bit different and I like it.
Mulled Spice  (Alcohol-free mulled wine) 
Ayanna: Yeah, that is really refreshing. You might get this in the afternoon, on your way home. It’s a nice alternative to mulled wine and it still kinds of look like it and doesn’t look like a kiddy-version.
Charlie: Yeah, I like that, it’s probably not a drink I would choose to get.
Kris: It is like a Christmassy tea with cinnamon!



Mint Christmas tree cake 
AJ: I like the taste. This is the most Christmassy one for me too.
Charlie: This is really Christmassy, I’m actually a big fan of it, it is like a Christmas Aero cake
Christmas Gingerbread
Charlie: I’m going to have the Gingerbread snowman!
Henna: He doesn’t do it anymore, but my cousin used to cry if you ate a limb of a gingerbread man.
Christmas Tiffin
AJ: “It’s kind of like rocky road. YUM.”
Charlie: There is like candy on the top. Tastes of orange, very nice. 
Mince pies
Henna: What is mince pie actually made of? I’m going to have half of one. I’m not much of a dessert person, I’m very picky.
AJ: Quite good, the pastry and the fruit is nice.


If you were to buy one of these in the canteen, which would it most likely to be? 
Henna: I’d pick up the hummus and mixed beans. 
AJ: Yes, possibly the hummus and mixed beans and I might buy the Amaretto latter because it is cheaper than Costa. 
Charlie: The turkey, pork stuffing and cranberry sandwich for me! I'm going to go again tomorrow!
Ayanna: The food in the canteen is really nice, I’ve tried it at Chelsea. It’s so nice.

If you try out the new Christmas menu, remember to take a snap and share it with #UALfestive for a chance to win an exclusive gift parcel in our competition!


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