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Replacement and damage charges

By UALHalls 04 Oct 2016

During your stay with us, you are liable for any damages caused to your room (and shared or private kitchen).


If any damage is found to these areas when you leave the hall, you will be responsible for the cost to rectify the issues. Therefore, it is extremely important upon arrival, for all students to fill out their inventory fully to ensure they do not incur any charges from existing damages at the end of their tenancy.


Each hall has different costs to replace or amend various items. Check out below some of the most common charges accrued during previous students' tenancies and the approximate cost to rectify them.


Replacement charges

Oven tray

Up to £30

Mattress (various sizes)

Up to £123


Tile: Up to £20
Carpet fitted: As per invoice

Ironing board

Up to £36

Keys (various)

Up to £25


Damage Charges 


Bedroom/studio repaint

Up to £120

Kitchen repaint

Up to £200

Bedroom clean

Up to £80

Studio clean

Up to £55 - £140

Kitchen clean

Up to £180

Restoration to smoking damage

As per invoice