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Registering to vote in the UK

By UALHalls 05 Nov 2019

The UK general election is set for Thursday 12 December 2019. With the election fast approaching, it's important that if you want your voice heard you register before the deadline. 

Here is everything you need to know...

Ok, you’ve convinced me – how do I register?

If you haven’t yet registered to vote, you’ve got until midnight on Tuesday 26 November to do so.

It’s really quick and simple – you can register online here. You'll be asked for your name, nationality, address, whether you’ve recently moved house, and for your National Insurance Number.

If you don’t have a National Insurance Number you can register for one here.

You’ll usually be able to find your National Insurance Number on your student loan letters, payslips or other official documents. If you don’t have it you can still register to vote, BUT you will need to explain why you don’t have it and you’ll need to send copies of your ID through the post, which will take much longer.

How do I know if I'm eligible? 

  • You should be 18 (or over) on polling day.
  • Be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
  • Live at a UK address in the UK

You can find more information on commonwealth countries and eligible voters here.

Anything else I should consider? 

Students are able to register at 2 addresses – home and university. So, if you don’t know where you’re going to be at the next General Election, just register at both locations.

If you want to vote at home, you should think about registering for a postal vote so you don’t miss out. The deadline for applying for a postal vote in England is 5pm on 26 November.

And let’s be honest, if it’s a December/January election you might want a postal vote anyway to avoid the cold. 

If you choose to vote we hope you are looking forward to precipitating in the upcoming election. You can find more information on voting in the UK here.