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Refer a friend to live in halls

By UALHalls 09 Jan 2018

We've recently had students move out of their rooms in Brooke HallThe Costume StorePortland HouseSketch HouseDon Gratton House, Highline Building and Will Wyatt Court. If you have any friends or classmates from UAL who are looking for somewhere to live, we'd love to offer them a room.

In return we'll reward you with a £50 Asos voucher - perfect in time for festive season!

How it works:

  • You recommend a fellow a UAL student to live in halls
  • They get in touch with Accommodation Services on (0)20 7514 6240 or send us an email on letting us know which hall and flat they'd like to move into.
  • Make sure they reference "Refer a Friend" along with your name either in the email subject line or over the phone. 
  • Your friend will make an application online, which we will help them with.
    Once your friend is all moved in, we will reward you with the Asos voucher. 

So, get searching!

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with us either via email: or (0)20 7514 6240.

*Contract is until the end of the Academic year.