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Puppies that are basically you as a student

By UALHalls 13 Sep 2017

Because why not? Who doesn't love a puppy gif?

You've probably learned by now that there are certain situations that epitomise what it means to be a student.

Just like puppies learning the ways of life, in the time you spend at university, you are learning the true meaning of growing up and finding your 'true self' #adulting

So, to demonstrate some of the situations you may have already encountered, here are pictures of puppies living the student life....

  • When your student loan drops and you start living the high life, unnecessarily spending money
    puppy puppy dog animals dog pomeranian
  • Early morning lectures sat next to people who went out the night before
    The contagious yawns...
    animals cute puppies bridesmaids yawn
  • These will lead to, group nap times!
    It's completely normal and natural to fit 3 people in a single bed at 4 pm in the afternoon. Friends who nap together....
    animals dog puppies
  • Being made to go out in a fancy dress you truly despise
    ...and not being able to understand what you ever did to deserve this and what's so wrong with normal clothes!
    Cheezburger costume dog puppies wings
  • When you get a message in the flat Whatsapp saying someone's parents have visited and left cake
    No holding back...
    puppies dinner
  • Those, 'House music' nights out
    There's only one dance move for it! #bopyahead
    rave puppies
  • Getting out of bed for a 9 am after a night out...
    Always keep a glass of water near your bed to help your head in the morning!
    puppies bomb giant
  • Finding just about anything to entertain yourself
    You'll be amazed at the things you'll do to procrastinate.
    dog puppy sfw puppy dog safe for work 
  • Pleading with friends to go out, just after they have gotten in bed
    (It'll usually work)
    Cheezburger dog puppies cuddles
  • Or just being a huge distraction when you need a break...
    Just because you've had enough of work, don't forget to let others get on with theirs!!
  • Doing essays after a big night out
    If you're going to be at all productive, get out of your bed- and your room if possible!
    working from home animal cute animals funny dog cute dog
  • Cruising past deadlines like...
    Who let the dogs out!? 
    funny dog animals dog water 

So there we have it, even if you don't relate too much to these puppies they are cute to look at!