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New student mural artwork at Portland House

By KrisStapleton 14 Aug 2017

While you’ve been soaking up the sun this August, something has been going on in UAL Halls… 


After the recent Art for Halls campaign, UAL commissioned the artistic duo Prgrm2edPerception to construct a mural on the walls of Portland house. I could tell you what I think of their work and the whole project (amazing!), but instead, I thought I’d ask the artists for their opinion. 


Why did you apply to the open call?  


We wanted to add our creative vision to a space which already holds such a substantial amount of creative diversity. We also love painting murals and seeing the visual impact we create for new-comers, but also the effect the transition creates for those who knew the space before as a blank wall. 


What do you think about the Art for Halls project? 


We think it’s a great opportunity for emerging artists to experience selling their artwork. But most importantly, it will fuel their confidence and pride in themselves as Artists. 


What inspired you when designing and making your mural?  


We expanded our concept from being representative of the creative environment and adhering to the current aesthetic into how we could embody the entire experience of art student halls as a whole. 


You can follow Prgrm2edPerception and keep up to date with their amazing work: 


KrisStapleton is a BA (hons) Photography graduate from London College of Communication.
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