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Money and contracts: know your stuff!

By UALHalls 03 Sep 2015

 If you have any questions about your hall fees please do not hesitate to visit the Hall Reception or Accommodation Services located at

272 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EY (Map)

Alternatively please contact with any questions or phone 020 7514 6240.

Your contract

You can log in to your accommodation account here to access your contract and change payment details.

Code of Practice

The Housing Act 2004 introduced licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in England and Wales. Student accommodation is exempt from licensing as long as the hall is signed up to one of the Codes of Practice approved by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

The criteria in the Code have been chosen to reflect a balance of common sense obligations and responsibilities between the managers of larger student accommodation buildings and tenants and to set bench mark standards which are achievable by managers. Compliance with the Code ensures that:

  • both managers and tenants enjoy the benefit of good standards of housing management and practice,
  • misunderstandings and disputes are reduced and
  • where problems do occur they are promptly resolved.

Confidentiality and the Data Protection Act

In order to protect you and deal with your concerns confidentially, under the terms of the Data Protection Act, we are not able to discuss details of your accommodation, contract, or rent payments with anyone other than yourself or your guarantor. This is because the legal contract is between you and UAL. If, however, you wish us to discuss these issues with another person, e.g. someone other than your guarantor, we will require written authorisation from you that this person is acting on your behalf.

Terms & Conditions of residence

For a full detailed list of your actual contractual obligations please refer to your tenancy agreement. It is important you understand what these are as any breach of these obligations could result in disciplinary action being taken against you.

Moving out before the end of your contract

If you are looking to get out of your contract before it is scheduled to end, you must find a suitable replacement. This replacement must be a full-time student at a UAL college and is subject to approval by your hall manager.

If you would like to fill out an early release request form we can help you look for somebody to take your place in halls, but we cannot guarantee you that one will be found or that we will be able to release you from your contract early, however we will do our best to help.