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Meet the Team - Louise

By UALHalls 16 Aug 2017

Hi, my name is Louise and I'm the Residence Manager for Sketch House.


I’m based at reception Monday to Friday. My office hours vary, but I’m usually available between 1 pm and 3 pm for drop ins and between 10 am and 4 pm for appointments. 


I’ve been at UAL for 2 years now. The people are a joy to work with as there is a real community feel and sense of belonging to something greater.


My job is really rewarding. It’s nice to meet and get to know so many amazing people, it’s such a privilege to be part of students' University experiences and hopefully, contribute to making it as amazing and memorable as possible! 


I get to see a lot of funny things working at Sketch House, once a student pranked another student by putting grass and watercress seeds in the carpet of his room and watering them whilst he was away, this made a lovely little room garden, but unfortunately cost this person £300 for a new replacement carpet. Note to all: please don’t try this and make sure you lock your bedroom doors and let us know if you are going away!


The best things about living at Sketch House are that the Fresh Student Living staff are all lovely and our outdoor courtyard area is great to relax in. We have cinema events in the spring and summer, which are so good, so I strongly recommend that you attend as many activities as possible.


I'd say that moving away from home might be a bit daunting initially, but everyone is in the same boat, try to get yourself to as many of our fantastic social and well-being events, they are a great way of meeting new people and trying out new things/seeing new places. Also, be considerate of your neighbours by helping to share the cleaning in the flat equally and keeping noise to a minimum late at night and early in the morning, many students have assignments due all through the year and work part time jobs. Talk through concerns openly and honestly with each other, it’s not always easy living with others, but communication and a bit of compassion for your fellow flatmates/neighbours is key.


In my spare time I absolutely love, love, love travelling, I’ve been lots of places. Thailand is my all time favourite country so far, the islands are beautiful and the people are so polite and friendly. I studied languages for my degree and masters so have lived and studied in Italy and France. I miss eating my own body weight in delicious Italian and French food and basking in the sunshine during the summer months with a nice Aperol Spritz or glass of wine! I also love Indian food, I’m such a foodie. If you want to grab my attention, tell me about the best places to eat.


I also coach other staff members as part of the UAL Coaching Network, so if you have any issues that you’d like a quick coaching session on, pop down and we can talk through it to see if we can’t get you to where you’d like to be.