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Meet the Team - Billy

By UALHalls 16 Aug 2017

Hi, my name's Billy and I look after Brooke Hall, Portland House and Gardens House.

I have a varied job background, I have been a Hot Dog seller, Market Trader, Printer, French Polisher, Cinema Projectionist, Security Guard, Furniture Mover,  IT Consultant, Painter and Decorator, Maintenance Man, Furniture Restorer, and now, a Residence Manager.

You can find me in the main office in Gardens House. When I'm at Brooke Hall, I usually work in the C Block office.

As I will be working in three building this coming academic year, I have a lot of favourite things about each of the halls. 

Gardens House is a new building and it will be great to see how the residents will respond to the fresh, modern look and feel of the building. Portland House has a great sense of character as it is a Georgian Grade 3 listed site. Brooke hall has a close community feel about the hall.

My advice to new students is if you are sharing a kitchen, you should all get together and sort out a cleaning rota, as this is the area that causes the most problems in communal living.

The best part of my job is getting to know the new residents and keeping the buildings running smoothly. I'm known as the "Maintenance Man" so I'm always happy to help if you have any problems.

I promise I'm not as menacing as I look so do please come and say hello when you first move in!