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London life hacks

By TyishaMaynardOutting 25 Apr 2017

Whilst being a student in London means there is always plenty of choice on your doorstep regarding entertainment, food and shopping options, it can be tricky to have to limit your social decisions due to living on a student budget.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could do it all super cheap or even better, for free? Well, you can. And here are a few of the many possibilities the capital has to offer:  

Food and Drink  

  • Waitrose: They give you free coffee! Everybody knows coffee is an essential part of the student diet and now you can get it for free. To benefit from this sweet deal all you have to do is become a myWaitrose member, it's similar to being a Clubcard or Nectar card member, you take it with you when you shop and swipe it on the till. You do need to buy at least one item, even if it just chewing gum or your full weekly shop, then you can fill your reusable coffee cup up at self-service machines in the store.
  • Pret a Manger: If you need more than one cup of coffee a day, Pret a Manager is the coffee shop we have found that offers the biggest discount when you bring your own none-disposable cup. Bring your eco-friendly alternative and save 50 pence, yes that means you can get a filter coffee for only £0.50 too.

  • The Happiour app: If you haven't got the Happiour app, it is 100% worth the download. It lets you know current deals near you and the times and dates they are valid until. This includes things such as 2 for 1 simple smoothies or juices at MOJO's in Soho, 2 pizza slices and 1 drink for £5 at Pixxa in Farringdon plus many more awesome deals. 


  • Free pub nights: We can't always be studying and having no fun right? The Camden Head pub offer one of the most popular 'free-clubs' in London, 'Angel Comedy' runs 7 nights a week, where they mix new comics with professionals and you do not have to pay a thing to watch it. Tip: Just be on time because the pub fills up quickly.
  • Timeout: Timeout are great for letting you know what free exhibitions are on. For example, the 'Art and Alcohol' exhibition which is on until the 30th September 2016 at Tate Britain. Timeout also advertises cheap theatre deals and free things to do in London on a selected day of your choice.  


  • Thrift shops: What student doesn't love thrift shops and markets? The East End Thrift Store have a fill-a-bag store open every day. You pay £10 for a bag (or £20 for a bigger one) and you get to fill it up with as many clothes as you can fit into it. Obviously, the total for everything you fit into the bag is going to work out so much more than the £10 or £20 you paid for it, pretty sweet deal. What's more, the East End Thrift Store often have 50p and £1 sales, you won't find many places in London where you can get clothes for as little as 50p. You can keep updated with all their events on their Facebook page.

See? London can be cost effective! Let us know if you have any cool free suggestions at and we'll make sure the word gets spread! 


TyishaMaynardOutting is a London College of Fashion student studying BA (hons) Fashion Journalism.
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