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London apps: Be city savvy!

By UALHalls 21 Nov 2017

Top 10 London Apps

  1. City Mapper: One of the besty apps to get around London. Whether you’re walking, cycling, or getting public transport City Mapper will calculate the best route from A-B with loads of options to customize your route ie. Cheapest route, quickest route, least connections. It’s a London life essential and you’ll want to download this on day one – and it’s free!
  2. Tube Map: Pretty much what it says on the tin; It’s a comprehensive graphic map of the TFL Underground and Overground network. The plus with this app is that it doesn’t need an Internet connection to open so you can use it underground.
  3. ATM Hunter: For those new to the UK it’s a cash machine finder. Not that anyone knows what ATM actually stands fro anyway. This app will lead you to the nearest FREE cash machine which tend to hide in pretty obscure places in this city.
  4. London Cycle: This app goes that one step further than City Mapper, for keen cyclists this app gives you information on the safest cycle routes and where to find the Cycle Hire stations.
  5. Frugl: Your personal guide to all the local discounted attraction and deals. Perfect for doing London on the cheap.
  6. Timeout London: For pretty much everything going on in the Capital timeout doesn’t miss much. You can search a date, location and time to find out exactly what’s going down.
  7. Uber: You get so many discount codes for recommending friends and it’s one of the fastest and cheapest taxi companies in the city, no need to phone, just book with the app.
  8. National Rail: Their app lets you check train times, plan journeys and check for disruptions. Although TFL covers most of londons local transport it’s often quicker and cheaper to catch a national rail train into one of the central terminals.
  9. StreetArtLondon: This clever app helps you tracks down all the hidden street artwork often by famous (or infamous) names. You’ll find loads of Banksy’s in Shoreditch.
  10. WIFI Café Spots: This app tells you where the nearest café’s with WIFI hotspots are. Handy!