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Essential Info

Introducing Portland House

By UALHalls 17 Jan 2017

Camberwell Campus is changing its name to Portland House.


What does this mean for residents?

For current students in this hall, all documents and information on the student portal will still say "Camberwell Campus".

Emails will come from staff from the old address until June.

You can also still have post delivered to you under the address of Camberwell Campus, until further notice.


What changes will happen over the next few months?

  • Our new guide for 2017-18 will have the new name "Portland House'.


  • You may hear staff members refer to it as "Portland House"


  • All new posters and the TV screen updates will now feature the name "Portland House" instead of "Camberwell Campus". 


  • Over the next few months, you will see new signs being put up outside the halls, in the common room and the front garden area with the name "Portland   House".


  • The name has already changed on the website


  • The old Camberwell Campus page will run until June 2017. In the summer we will officially launch a new Facebook page for Portland House.


If you are a student at Portland House and would like more information, please speak to one of the team at reception.