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How to report maintenance

By UALHalls 24 Aug 2015

We know inventories and maintenance are probably the least exciting thing about moving into a new place, however, both are really important.

When you first move into halls, we strongly recommend filling out an inventory within the first 48 hours. This means that if anything is missing from the room or if there are any faults or damages, the Halls teams can see to them as quickly as possible. It also means that you won’t be charged for them at the end of your tenancy.
Throughout your year in halls, you may need to report maintenance faults, this can be anything from an accidental breakage to problems with plumbing or lights. Take a look at our instructions below to find out what the process is in your particular hall.
Brooke Hall, Cordwainers Court, Gardens House, Glassyard Building, Highline Building, Portland House, Sketch House, The Costume Store, Will Wyatt Court (UAL managed halls)
All rooms are inspected before students move in. You’ll find an inventory on the UAL Accommodation Student Portal, which you should fill out within 48 hours of moving in. The Student Portal is also where you need to log any maintenance issues. Repairs are completed either 24 hours, five working days or 28 days after the request has been made, depending on the level of priority. The level of priorities ranges from emergency repairs to non-urgent repairs.

Don Gratton House and Manna Ash House
All rooms are inspected before students move in. When you arrive, there will be a paper-based inventory in your room, which you should fill out within 48 hours.
If you have any maintenance requests throughout the year, go down to reception and report them directly to the Accommodation team.
Emily Bowes Court
All rooms are inspected the day before students move in. You will receive an email from the team when you arrive, which should have all the inventory information. If you wish to dispute anything on it or aren’t happy with it for whatever reason, you can come and speak to the team at reception and they’ll do another one with you present. If you need to log a maintenance request during your tenancy, please log it on the UNITE app or at the reception desk. The team will respond within three working days.
Furzedown Student Village
The team at Furzedown and Cedars will provide you with a copy of the inventory form when you check-in. You will then have seven days to make any notes and return the form, which will be stored in the inventory folder that will be used in the team’s quarterly room inspections, and when they refund deposits at the end of the year.
If you need to report any breakages or problems with plumbing, lights, etc, you’ll need to go to the reception desk and speak to the team.

If you have any questions about maintenance, inventories or anything else related to your time in halls, you can speak to your Residence Manager or Accommodation Manager.  Alternatively, you can call the team in Central Accommodation on 020 7 514 6240 or email us at