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By UALSocial 24 May 2017

Looking for a student job but don’t know where to start?

Want something with an easy application process that is fast and allows flexible hours? ArtsTemps is the platform for you!

ArtsTemps is an internal recruitment service and owned by UAL. Within this platform, UAL staff can search for temps, students and graduates that want temporary work and hire them. But remember if you are a graduate this service is only available to you one year after graduation, so use it while you can!

Jobs range from exhibition invigilation to assistance at UAL Open Days and more. Jobs will be advertised to you via email upon registration. They also offer bigger opportunities under their ‘Creative Opportunities’ tab on their website such as internship opportunities, graduate jobs, part-time work, freelance contracts and full-time opportunities. This tab furthermore allows you to connect with institutions and companies within the creative sector.

Central Saint Martins student Mei, registered with ArtsTemps since a year now said: “ArtsTemps has given me so many opportunities for temporary, really well-paid jobs in and around UAL, from catering jobs to doing open days. I’ve found it quite comforting to know I can still keep up with my uni work and earn small bits here and there since I don’t have a part/full-time job.”

You can register to become a temp via the ArtsTemps website. Registration is a fast and simple process for which you will simply need to create an account with your contact information and upload a CV. Upon registration, you will be contacted by ArtsTemps and called into their High Holborn office. 

It’s as easy as that! 

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