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Friends, Food and Flights...

By UALSocial 12 Dec 2018

Harriet, a Wellbeing Rep and third year student at Chelsea shares her love of travel and why you should take advantage of UAL Social's trips abroad!

Last summer, I had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Barcelona with the UAL Social Programme. It was my first year at uni, so travelling as part of a small group was ideal for me. 

Booking through UAL was hassle free and easy and we had a full packed itinerary for our four days in Barcelona. We jetted off from Gatwick Airport and got to know everyone on the trip really quickly. 

Things I loved about the city

  • Barcelona is a vibrant, unique and diverse city full of culture, art, music, entertainment and beautiful architecture.
  • The hostel was very relaxed with a rooftop bar overlooking the city, it had a cool, chilled vibe. 
  • Exploring shops, markets, cafés, bars, beaches and the stunning architecture.
  • Free time to explore and do our own thing. 


Highlights of the trip

  • The atmosphere is Barcelona is great, we saw street performances and dancing which was one of my favourite things.
  • Visiting the Park Güell was a fantastic experience the beauty within the designs of the architecture was breath-taking, beautiful textile patterns and prints throughout the design. At the top of Güell Park there was a terrace where you could view the whole city. 
  • The nightlife in Barcelona was brilliant.  
  • Dining out gave us a real insight into the cities nightlife, food and feel of the city.
  • Taking a local guided tour of Barcelona enabled us to really see the city inside and out.
  • The beach trip, where we walked along the canal viewing the beautiful boats and coast.


The trip to Barca was an amazing highlight of my first year, being with a group and also having the chance to have free time.

To anyone interested in going on a trip with the Social Programme, I would highly recommend it! This was a really positive experience that I always look back on!


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