Find a Halls-Buddy!

By UALHalls 17 Mar 2020

At the moment, the government's advice is to self-isolate if you think you have any of the Coronavirus symptoms. We understand that this could affect quite a few students in halls. 

Have you thought about how would you get food, medicines, or other essential items if you had to self-isolate in your room?

We suggest having a conversation now with your friends and flat-mates about being “buddies” for each other. If you get sick and have to self-isolate, your buddy will:

  • Bring any parcels to your room (leaving them outside your door)
  • Collect any food deliveries from reception for you (leaving them outside your door)
  • Keep in touch with your while you are self-isolated to make sure you're ok - maybe via phone, WhatsApp, or Messenger

Could you be a bug buddy to someone in need?

  • Some residents might have difficulty identifying a buddy (maybe because their friends are also self-isolating).
  • If you would be willing to be a buddy for someone in need, contact your Halls team. They will keep a list of emergency bug buddies and might call on you to help if needed.

More information about Coronavirus 

We understand that this may be a worrying time for you. If you have any questions or concerns about living in halls, please contact your Halls team, who will be more than happy to help you. We also recommend taking a look at the links below:


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