Feeling homesick? You're not alone!

By UALHalls 18 Sep 2019

You’re in a new home, with new people and that lingering smell of pot noodle is nothing compared to that of your family Sunday roast.

Feeling homesick is allowed, but try not to panic. Give some of these a try...

  • Get out of your room - Create your own little student family by getting to know your hallmates and become familiar with your surroundings. You could organise a regular weekly activity (attending film night in the common room every Wednesday, a collective flat meal and so on) because everyone needs a little perking up at some point.
  • Healthy Living - Whether it's exercising, eating healthy, OR BOTH, a healthy lifestyle will make you feel fresh, energised and create a positive mindset. Plus, exercise releases endorphins (happy hormones) which will help you cheer up as you tone up! 
  • Try something new -  It's never too late to join a new society or club, so get stuck in! Try a new sport, learn a language, just keep busy and out of your room. What's more, you'll meet new people and accomplish something!
  • Make your new home, a home - Whether it's a favourite fluffy pillow, a toy mascot or pictures of your friends and family, these will all remind you that home is actually closer than you think it is.
  • Keep in touch and wired in - The world wide web is a wonderful place and you should definitely be making use of it. Facebook, Twitter, Insta etc. will keep up to speed with what your friends are up to. Skype, Facetime, or just regular phone calls to your family can keep you nicely in touch with home and perk up that bad day.
  • Talk to someone - No doubt a lot of people are feeling the same, you're all in the same boat! Before things start to get too much, have a chat with friends, lecturers or get in touch with your Wellbeing Peer. 
  • Be positive - It can be tough but hit back against those negative emotions by staying busy and upbeat, maybe put on a funny film or achieve something new each day.

But remember if you're struggling, you can always speak to your Wellbeing Rep if you are feeling down. Get in contact by emailing here4u@arts.ac.uk (please reference your hall in the subject line). 

Please be reassured that everything you discuss will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively.