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D.I.Y. Christmas decorations

By BzAimee 24 Nov 2017

You don't need TV adverts, crazy shopping centres and songs on the radio to make you realise that Christmas is almost upon us.

As students, it can sometimes be a little bit harder to get into the Christmas spirit - as you leave the beautiful lights of the big city to head back to the bare white walls of your flat or communal kitchen...

Festive decorations might not be something you can fit into your budget right now, but that doesn't mean you have to be a Scrooge about it! 

There are plenty of  things you can do to spruce up your flat with stuff you've already got!

Take a look...

Make your own reindeer! 
Rudolph? Dancer? Vixon? Take your pick!


Do you wanna build a snowman?
Glue leftover bottle caps in a line with a ribbon, draw on a face and buttons - you've made a snowman. Add a loop to the ribbon and attach to your tree!


Those Christmas lights...
Add sugar or white glitter to empty jars then get creative. Don't forget LED lights to set the cosy winter night in mood. Click here to see how it's done. No open flames, you know the rules! Now turn off your main lights and get cosy watching Elf! 

Illuminated Snow Scene in a Jar - An LED tea light illuminates a decorative winter scene inside of a mason jar. Such an easy and beautiful decoration for winter and Christmas!


Make your own wreath
Don't have time to go foraging for holly? Check these out for some quick and simple ways to dress up your door. Just nothing highly flammable like cotton wool!  

Recycle holiday greeting cards into holly leaves for this one-of-a-kind decoration. Using a holly leaf stencil, trace onto old cards and cut out holly shapes. With a glue gun, glue a toothpick onto the backside of each of the leaves to form a 1-inch pick at the  


Winter window stencils
Easy, printable - and you can use your waste scrap paper. Why not make the reindeers? Snowmen? A snowflake? Download free templates here.



Oh Christmas Tree...

Mini pine cone trees
Nice for when you don't have room for a big tree - plus it'll stop you arguing with your housemates over decorations! Click here to find out how to make them.


Eggcellent idea
Stack up empty egg cartons and add decoration to make your tree come to life, like this! Just make sure you don't block any escape routes or fire exits - you don't want your tree getting knocked over!


Tree of knowledge
Stack up your course books! But not the ones you need any time soon, unless you fancy a game of Jenga... 

Christmas tree made from books:  image

There's no need to pay extortionate prices when you can make impressive decorations yourself, with things you've already got. 

So Do It Yourself.

P.S. Just remember keep all of your decorations away from light fittings or anything that has a potential to cause a fire!

Image: Bobvila