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Celebrating the holidays with your flat family

By UALHalls 04 Dec 2018

Your flat family probably feel like your second family by now, so why not celebrate with them too?

We have a few simple ways that you can get into the Christmas spirit before you go home for the Christmas holidays.


Nothing Like The Holidays Dinner GIF
Think carefully about your decisions, you'll need a meat joint (or a veggie/vegan equivalent), vegetables, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy. Everyone can chip in when you go food shopping to lower the cost. The only question is, who's the best cook in your flat?

2. Secret Santa

Will Ferrell Santa GIF
Secret Santa is the perfect way to avoid buying a present for everyone. Set a budget (that everyone has to stick to), pull names out of a hat and head out shopping. Set a rule that everyone must buy something funny so you all have good laugh when you open them.

3. Movie night

Love Actually Film GIF
After you've stuffed your faces from the delicious (maybe partly burnt) dinner, it's the perfect time to watch all your favourite films. Huddle around someone's telly with blankets and a hot chocolate and settle into a movie marathon.

4. Family outing

The Santa Clause GIF
Go out as a flat family to a Christmassy event going on near you. It could be a Christmas market, ice rink or just a festive meal (with cracker hats). Getting out your hats and gloves and spending some quality time together will make you feel festive. 

5. Going 'out out'

The Office Dance GIF
Time to let your hair down for the last time with your flat family before you leave - it tis' the season after all! You've worked hard and smashed your first ever term at uni so it's time to celebrate and get in a festive mood.