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Celebrating Diwali in UK

By NiharikaM 09 Nov 2020

A beautiful lit up house, the sweet aroma of kheer hanging in the air, shiny bright kurtas and the loud chatter of your family and friends over a game of Teen Patti. Does it make you a bit sad that Diwali may look a little different this year?

Despite being away from home, and in the middle of the lockdown, our favourite festival of the year can still be fantastic. Last year I spend my first Diwali away from home and yes it was different but I still had a great time. Here are some of my personal suggestions on how you can celebrate Diwali in London this year.

1. A global Diwali

What could be better than sharing your culture with the rest of the world? 

Invite your flatmates to celebrate Diwali with you. Teach them to play Teen Patti (a card game that originated in India), cook some traditional food, decorate your common kitchen space and don't forget to teach them a move or two on some kickass desi number.

It will be a guaranteed epic Diwali.

2. A virtual Diwali 

For those of you who find yourselves having to celebrate Diwali alone, don't worry you can still celebrate with others online. 

Go virtual and set up a BYOM - Bring Your Own Mithai, Zoom party. You could even try posting on your hall Facebook group to see if anyone else wants to join in the celebrations. It's time to make some new friends and chase away the festival blues together this Diwali.

3. A solo Diwali

If celebrating virtually isn't for you, there's still a different joy in celebrating a festival on your own as well.

Make it your day. Order in some good food, put on some nice lights and call your family back home. Then, spend the rest of the evening doing a Bollywood movie marathon over some greasy takeaway food. 

4. A Public Diwali

Lastly, you can join public celebrations happening across the UK. This year, a number of these celebrations have moved online with a whole lot of activities lined up. Here are few that we have picked out for you to choose from: 

Celebrating Diwali away from home and during lockdown can be difficult. While it may seem that a lot of things remain cancelled, I can promise you that the Festival of Lights isn't. It's just going to be a bit different this year. 

Remember, if you're struggling, you can always speak to your Halls Rep if you are feeling down. Get in contact by emailing 

Please also remember that candles aren't permitted in halls as they are a fire hazard. Why not try some flameless LED candles instead?  



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