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Celebrating Diwali in London

By UALSocial 07 Nov 2018

Pallavi is a second year student at UAL and a Wellbeing Rep at Sketch House. In this article, she shares her experiences of celebrating Diwali and her tips for fellow Indian and international students on how to celebrate the event in London.

I know how difficult it is to celebrate the biggest Indian festival miles away from home without your family, so why not gather all your friends and decorate the workspace to bring your family and home closer to you?

Here are my five ways to get going with free and colourful vibes of Diwali. 


1. Dressing Up 

When I moved to the U.K I brought some of my traditional clothing and jewellery and waited for the right moment to wear them. If you have brought some of your traiditional outfits with you, Diwali could be a great time to dress up. Last year I shared this experience with my friends. Trust me, they will enjoy every bit of it. 


2. Mithaai for life!

Food is one the best ways to celebrate Diwali. It's a real treat to your taste buds, so I'd recommend having as much Indian food as possible. You could have a potluck dinner to save some pennies. Don’t forget to invite all your friends and housemates!


3. Make your room shine like a diamond!

Aa a festival of light, Diwali will make your room super bright. Buy some battery-operated fairy lights from Poundland, Primark or Flying Tiger to decorate your rooms and feel the warmth. You can also make small lanterns with tissue paper roll to feel more festive (YouTube instructionsfor more information). Just be as creative as you can.


4. Fireworks and sparklers

Who doesn’t like a lit-up sky? There are lots of firework displays to go to in London in November. If you want to buy you're own sparklers, make sure you're aware of ‘health and safety’ rules before using them.


5. Bollywood Dhamaka! 

Can you even imagine celebrating Diwali without playing Bollywood music? Get on the dance floor and show off your desi moves!


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