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Carparking options (Saturday 2 September)

By UALHalls 16 Aug 2017

Please note that car parking in London is very minimal and we expect lots of cueing on Saturday 2 September. Please plan your journey in advance and be sure to plan your car parking requirements. We ask you to be patient on the day with cueing around the entrances of halls. 

Check out the requirements for your hall below.

  • Don Gratton House, Emily Bowes Court and Manna Ash HouseYou will receive information regarding your car-parking plan from your housing provider towards the end of August. Please email us if you have any queries. 

  • Brooke HallThere is car parking in Brooke Hall but you will only be able to bring your car into the hall to drop off only. If you wish to stay you will need to find street parking nearby.

  • Cordwainers Court - If you are arriving during peak hours then please expect a wait for spaces to become available. Limited parking is available at the hall but for unloading only. Once you have got your luggage out of the car we ask that you move your car immediately. Please be aware that traffic wardens do patrol the area. If you are unloading you can park on the double yellow lines but please ensure that you stay with your car at all times. Do not park the car on the pavement at any time. Alternative metered parking is available in the local area. Details will be available upon your arrival.

  • Furzedown Student Village - Please note there is car-parking available for you at Furzedown Student Village. Please ask at reception on the day if you have any queries. 

  • Gardens House – You will be able to park near the site for a maximum of 20 minutes for drop off only. Please ask our Halls staff on the day if you have any further queries.

  • Glassyard Building - Please see this simple map for car parking nearby(please note roads in green have available parking). Please also note Oak Square is the drop off zone for unpacking, parking will be allowed for 15 minutes for unloading and cars will then need to relocate. This will be carefully monitored by hall staff. Additional parking available here: Stockwell Group Practice, which is 200 meters away from the hall and is located at 107 Stockwell Road, London SW9 9TJ. The practice has kindly made 50 parking spaces available offered on a first come first served basis from 1:30 PM to 5:00 PM.

  • Highline Building - Please note there is strictly no parking on site all year round. You will be able to 'drop off' outside the entrance, however this will only be for ten minutes at a time. See map for full details here. Please see full details here about parking options generally nearby. Please check the signage at the car park for full details before leaving your car.

  • Portland House - You will be able to park on North and South sides of the road for drop off only. For parking, you will need to find on street parking nearby. Please ask staff on the day if you have any further queries.

  • Sketch House - Please be advised that there is limited pay and display parking is available nearby. Please note if you do park in restricted areas you may be charged. Just around the corner from the hall, there will be a drop-off point on Morris Place. We will have plenty of staff to help you unpack your car, but this will be for drop off only with a 10-minute maximum stay. Please see our map of nearby pay and display car parks and the drop off zone.
  • The Costume Store - The Costume store has 20 parking spaces managed by IQ staff on site. They offer a 30 min off load slot after that they will be shown where the free street parking is located. You will receive an email from the Costume Store Residence Manager about all the car-parking info on the day. Expect to receive this towards the end of August. 
  • Will Wyatt Court - Parking is extremely limited near the hall but unloading of vehicles can be done at the front of the building; there will be people on the day to guide you. Once you have unloaded the car we will expect you to park at a local car park; we do have an arrangement with St John’s Hoxton who have a large car park and we will give you information on the day about this.


Please do get in touch with our Accommodation Services team if you have any specific queries regarding car parking.


Call: 020 7514 6240 (8am-6pm Monday-Friday, BST)

Please note, staff will not be available on this number on Saturday 2ND September. Please speak directly to the staff at your hall if you have any queries on the day.