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British slang translated

By UALHalls 13 Nov 2017

As an international student, moving to London means a new lifestyle, new people and new dialect. 


Sometimes British slang can be confusing, so I went out and asked some British UAL students to share their favourite words with us what they mean.



Expectation: I think it is a forceful pushing to the corner

Reality: Too intoxicated/drunk 

“We were all smashed last night.”



Expectation: It sounds like initiating a fight

Reality: Talk or chat

 “Stop teasing us, it was just a friendly chinwag”



Expectation: punched in the face

Reality: Exhausted/Tired

“I worked so hard yesterday, I was really knackered.”



Expectation: A broomstick with wheels

Reality: An umbrella

“This weather forced me to bring this massive brolly.”



Expectation: Sounds like a dance

Reality: To have sex

“I haven’t had a shag in a long time.”



Expectation: To eat

Reality: Another word for rubbish/Trash

“Stop talking tosh!”



Expectation: Something like being choked

Reality: Pleased/Delighted

“We are very chuffed with the news.”


And of course... 

Apples and pears

Expectation: Fruit, of course

Reality: Stairs

“Go up the apples and pears”


Sometimes we can get lost in translation, however, I strongly recommend if you are unfamiliar with any term you come across in conversation – just ask your fellow students what they mean!