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Be street smart: Top 7 road safety tips

By UALHalls 22 Sep 2017

It's important to be vigilant when crossing the roads in any big city. London is especially hectic and it's extremely important that you are careful when crossing all roads.

  • Be alert: Always concentrate when you're crossing the road. Even if you're late or in a rush, it's important to stop and take your time. Saving 5 minutes may seem really important at the time, but it's not worth it if you put your safety or others at risk in the process.
  • Remember cars travel on the left in the UK: You may not be used to cars coming from the left, but this is something you need to familiarise yourself with now you're based here.
  • Use zebra crossings: Make sure you always use a zebra crossing when walking across the road. This is an area of road painted with broad white stripes, where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross. A 'pelican crossing' is also something you might come across, this is a pedestrian crossing with traffic lights operated by pedestrians.
  • Obey the lights: Only cross the road when you see the 'green man walking' icon on the lights. This means the traffic has stopped and you are safe to cross. Often you will hear a beeping noise when it's safe to cross too. 
  • Don’t walk and use a mobile phone: For your general safety, it's good practice to not have your mobile phone out in your hands. This is especially distracting when crossing busy roads. Try to avoid the temptation of looking at Google maps for example when you are lost. It's also good to get in the habit of keeping your phone safe to avoid 'pick pocketers' who may steal your phone from your hands.
  • Don’t use earphones: This again is very important. Don't listen to music when crossing the road as you need to ensure you're listening to everything around you. You might think that checking everything with your eyes is enough, but sometimes cars and especially motorbikes can speed round corners very quickly.
  • Be seen: Where possible wear bright clothes as it helps motorists see you. Remember that at night time it will be especially difficult for motorists to see you, so be extra careful. 

If you have any queries about general road safety or being safe around the city, please speak to your Residence or Accommodation Manager. They'll be very happy to help.