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Be proud of your shiny new home

By UALHalls 02 Sep 2015

We know cleaning isn't always at the top of your agenda, but it's important to keep up with cleanliness to save time in the long run (and also avoid flat disputes!)

Please remember you are expected to clean your own rooms including your ensuite. Those in cluster flats also have a shared responsibility for cleaning the kitchen. A dustpan and brush, a vacuum cleaner and a mop and bucket are provided in all flats to assist you with this. Room inspections take place each term and the Residence team inspects communal kitchens monthly. We suggest that you create a kitchen cleaning rota at your earliest opportunity to avoid cleaning charges (if the Residence team is obliged to arrange professional cleaning). Please see a good example here recommended by your Student Welfare Mentor team. 

All rooms, lounges and kitchens are checked regularly and each resident in a dirty room could be charged if cleaners have to be sent in due to the fact that any part of the room has not been cleaned to a satisfactory standard.

Kitchen inspections are held on a regular basis and we will be inspecting for cleanliness in areas such as: hobs, ovens, floors, worktops, fridges, microwaves etc. Flats that fail the kitchen re-inspection will be charged for professional cleaners to attend.

If you want some tips about cleaning, follow the links below for video guides to some of the trickier cleaning tasks.

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