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Awkward things that happen trying to make friends

By BzBarlow 31 Aug 2015

Coming to university means you're going to meet a whole range of new people and some of these will become your best mates!

Making new friends might be a daunting thought but don't worry, you'll make some amazing memories and eventually laugh at that awkward first meeting...

  • Awkwardly hovering over a conversation, never quite inputting anything interesting 

  • Your timing in conversations is way off because you over-think what you should and should not say

  • When you’re alone with a new friend and you can’t think of one single conversation topic

     (photobucket ) 
  • When something funny happens between you and your new friend and yet they forget all about it (and you awkwardly have to remind them)

  • Getting their name wrong


So, whether it's awkward to begin or it's like you've known each other for years, you can guarantee you'll make brand new friendships that will last a lifetime! 


BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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