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Arrival checklist (when you've moved in!)

By UALHalls 29 Aug 2019

Are you staying with us in September?

There are a few things you will need to organise once you have joined us, so we have put together this handy checklist so you have everything covered!

  • Doctors and GP surgeries – Wondering how to register for your local doctors? We will explain all of this to you when you move in. We will let you know where your nearest surgery is, how to register and even where your local dentist and hospital is. However, do not register at any of the practices until after you have moved into your new address

  • Student bank account - Once you're in London it's important to remember to set up your student bank account, which could be your first ever UK bank account, however, don't worry! We have our own very useful guide on how to set this up. This is always important to do, so don't put this off

  • Apply for your Student Oyster Photocard - the TFL student oyster card offers a discount on all travel cards and can save you loads of money, (30% off). You’ll need to register online as soon as possible but you will have to wait until after you have enrolled, then the University will approve that you are a student.

  • Your room and common areas inventory – it is extremely important you fill this in within the first 48 hours of moving in. This will protect you from facing payment of any damage in the room that was caused before you entered. If any damage is found you will be liable for the cost to repair any damage, including wall marks, scratches to kitchen surfaces, damage to bedroom furniture and so on. Remember to go through the form thoroughly in your common areas too.