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Amazing women to celebrate

By UALHalls 08 Mar 2019

This month marks International Women's Day (8 March). This is an annual celebration to recognise the social, political and cultural achievement of women.

In this article, some of our Social Reps, Wellbeing Reps and the Accommodation Services team talk about the women (and girls) who have inspired them. 

"My two daughters are my inspiration...why? They have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love; being there for them no matter what and expecting nothing in return, just wanting them to be happy.  It’s an absolute privilege to be part of their journey from the tiniest of babies to the challenging teenagers they are now and sometimes getting a glimpse of the amazing adults they will become. They are my greatest joy and they inspire me to be the best possible version of myself because in years to come I want them to be proud of their mum." - Mel, Commercial Development Manager

"The Queen! Imagine being told at 21 years old that you're going to rule a country - it's pretty cool that she's been doing it for over 60 years!" - Sophie, Social Rep

"Charlie Craggs, a recent LCC Graduate who is now a leading transgender activist. Charlie has set up an amazing charity called "Nail Transphobia" and now consults with leading brands on what they should be doing. She's also just published a book titled "To My Trans Sisters". She's my leading figure!" - James Greenwood, Student Experience Manager

"I'm a big fan of Yayoi Kusama. She is a Japanese artist who has faced a lot of hardships in her life." - Tabetha, Wellbeing Peer

"The first time I heard of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was on Beyonce's "Flawless", (which in my opinion is still an absolute banger). The sample is from her original Ted Talk and her words are the most powerful thing about the song. I find myself saying "YAS QUEEN!" every time I read her essays or catch one of her talks. She's also an incredibly talented writer. "Half of a Yellow Sun" is one of my favourite books and I would urge everyone to read it!" - Hazel, Comms and Marketing Manager

"It might sound like a cop-out answer, but ever since I was really little, J.K Rowling has been one of my role models. She still is today. I love that she came from a tough background and managed to write books that inspired millions of children across the world" - Alice, Wellbeing Peer

"Brene Brown is a research professor, a New York Times best-selling author, a motivational speaker and an overall kick-ass woman. She has not only inspired me, but millions of people across the globe to live authentically, love fully and experience true connection through sharing their vulnerabilities. Her 2011 TED talk is one of the most viewed ever, with over 7million views and sparked a revolution about dispelling the stigma behind being imperfect, self-worth and vulnerability." - Neil, Out of Hours General Residence Manager

"Zaha Hadid was the first Iraqi woman to break the mold in architecture. She overcame sexism and was the first female to receive a Pritzker Prize. She's my inspiration!" - Hannah, Social Rep

To find out more about International Women's Day and what you can do to celebrate, visit the official website.