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Alex recommends: My top 5 exhibitions this winter

By AlexandraDB 14 Nov 2019

As creative students, it’s very likely that from time to time we need to go to places for inspiration and reference (I certainly do). Of course, one of the best places for this is exhibitions. Even better, free exhibitions.

Being a university student can be hard enough already, let alone having to pay extra for outside learning, so I’ve made it easy for you by rounding up the best free art & design exhibitions that are open at the moment. I definitely recommend you should check these out before they close!

1. Doug Aitken: Return to Real

Victoria Miro Gallery IN, 16 Wharf Road, Hoxton, N1 7RW
- Until 20 December 2019 -

Overview: This exhibition showcases the new works of Doug Aitken. Exploring our changing relationships to one another and the world around us in an age dominated by technology. All works are made from a variety of different mediums meaning that there should be something for everyone to enjoy.

Alex’s insight: I went to this exhibition a few weeks ago and all of the pieces were so visually striking. Definitely lots of great photo/video opportunities as well as time to reflect and get lost in the artwork.

Inside "Electric Earth" Doug Aitken

2. ‘Other Spaces’

180 The Strand, Temple, WC2R 1EA
- Until 8 December 2019 -

Overview: Curated by Jefferson Hack, Other Spaces is a multi-sensory exhibition exploring perspective, light and sound through installations.

3. ‘Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder’

Also 180 The Strand, Temple, WC2R 1EA
- Until 8 December 2019 -

Overview: Transformer: A Rebirth of Wonder is a curated exhibition with conceptual themes such as identity, magic and political reality connecting the various artworks.


4. Trevor Paglen

Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS
- Until 16 February 2020 -

Overview: The Trevor Paglen exhibition explores the visual representation of scientific methods. Mixing photography with artificial intelligence, the exhibition showcases how data is categorised through developing technology. 

Trevor Paglen

5. On Edge: Living in an Age of Anxiety

The Science Gallery, King’s College London – Guy’s Campus, Great Maze Pond, London SE1 9GU
- Until 19 January 2020 -

Overview: This exhibition uses art, psychology and neuroscience to explore the causes and responses of anxiety. Using mental health research and input from young adults in the surrounding areas, the exhibition aims to generate more conversation and reduce the stigma around anxiety.

Alex’s insight: I've not been to this one yet but I definitely can't wait. I think this sounds not just interesting but also practical for a lot of people. 

Header image: paulinemongarny


AlexandraDB is a BA Graphic And Media Design Student who has a great love for blogging, YouTube and aesthetics.
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