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7 reasons why yoga is the ultimate weekly activity

By UALSocial 02 Apr 2018

By popular demand, we are expanding our yoga session to more halls!

Emily Bowes Court, Glassyard Building and The Costume Store will join Furzedown Student Village, Gardens House and Sketch House on the rota of yoga session happening in UAL Halls.

Here's why we think halls yoga is the ultimate Sweekly activity! 

1. You can properly relax
Having an hour completely away from work helps you forget all your worries and stresses. You’ll be twice as productive on Sunday evenings from now on.

2. All abilities welcome
You don’t need to have ever been to a yoga class before or even know what a downward dog is.

3. No equipment needed
Mats are provided so all you need is yourself – unfortunately, this does mean you can’t make sure everyone knows you’re a yogi by walking around with your Lululemon yoga mat.

4. You don't have to go anywhere
Not only is this super handy, but it also means you don’t have to get the tube with weekend tourists who don't understand tube etiquette.

5. The groups are smaller
Smaller groups mean you get more attention and can really improve your practice.

6. Afternoon Tea follows
You can reward all your hard work with tea and biscuits.

7. It’s free!
Pretty self-explanatory this one...

Now is your chance to grab your place at our FREE Yoga session at one of our 6 halls of residence:

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