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5 Reasons to Live in Halls for your Postgraduate Course

By UALHalls 13 Nov 2017

Halls vs. Private Rental?

Halls sometimes seem like a Fresher’s first choice for student accommodation, but there are lots of good reasons why a mature student would prefer them too.

If you're studying a postgraduate course at UAL next year, we've put together 5 benefits to living in our halls: 


That's electricity, gas, water and most importantly WIFI all sorted for you, meaning there'll be a bit of extra pocket money each month if you're anything like us and enjoy the occasional Deliveroo/ASOS treat! 

2. Residence Managers to Make you Feel at Home

Every hall has either a Residence Manager or Accommodation Manager who looks after every aspect of the building. If you ever fancy a chat, want advice on where to find the local supermarket or need to report a leaky tap, they are there to help you 24/7. 

3. In-House Fitness and Yoga Classes

Your Wellbeing Peers are fellow students who live in halls and are there to provide one on one support. They also host weekly yoga and fitness classes in halls with fully qualified instructors, meaning you don't have to travel far to get your exercise! 

4. Free Social Events

Social Reps are also fellow students who live in halls and run events. Many of these are based in halls and are free. So you can stay in, get to know new people and experience afternoon tea, film night and pub quizzes all from the comfort of your common room. 

5. Dedicated Accommodation Services Team

We have an in-house team who are ready and waiting to offer advice on all things hall related from financial advice to contracts. This includes a dedicated International Advisor and a Disability Liaison Officer for students who need extra support. 

We currently have rooms available for UAL Postgraduate students starting Masters in January 2018 at Highline Building, Manna Ash House, Will Wyatt Court and The Costume Store.

If you'd like to book with us you can apply via our website, email or call the team today on 020 7 514 6240.