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10 Bike accessories you need in your life

By BzBarlow 22 Feb 2018

If you and your bike are inseparable then why not treat it to a makeover with these top 10 bike accessories...

  1. Monkey Light Pro

    photo from Tumblr
    (monkey electric)

    You may have to start cycling at night only, but it’d be worth it! Cycle through the streets as your wheels are being controlled by animated cats or like you’ve just got a star on Rainbow Road. The Monkey Light Pro is a wheel display system that animates through your cycling! There are loads of designs, so you’d definitely find a design you’d like somewhere!

  2. The Pet Carrier


    You no longer have to cycle alone! You can bring your furry companion begrudgingly along with you! This product is recommended for those who have recently experienced a break up. At least your cat won’t leave you. Especially with this cage… I mean basket.

  3. The Spooklight

    Sometimes taking one hand off the handle bars can be very strenuous, but not anymore. Now you have a clear indicator to show everyone where you are going! Let’s just hope you use it more often than cars currently do!

  4. The Stem Lock Anti-Theft Stem


    What do you do when Batman isn't around to save your bike from a thief? What do you do when “Swiper no swiping” doesn’t work? Well, this device has got you covered. The Stem lock makes it impossible to cycle away, nor can it be resold! So even if someone did try, they wouldn’t get very far without the key.

  5. A Nutcase Helmet

    Watermelon Nutcase Gen3


    Do you want to stand out from the cycling crowd? Well, this is definitely for you! Whether you want to look like a watermelon or like Cupid himself, they’ve got you covered! What’s the point in riding, if you’re not going to ride in style?

  6. Lightlane - Instant Bike Lane



    I never would have thought this existed either, but I guess we were both proven wrong! Now you can cycle anywhere with your own portable bike lane! Hopefully, this will help the less talented drivers stay in their lane, but that’s not guaranteed.

  7. A Wallace and Gromit Cycling Jersey

    Foska Wallace & Gromit S/S Cycling Jersey With Free Foska Bottle


    Crackin’ Gromit! Remember when I mentioned riding in style? This is the epitome of style. Not only is it extremely motivational, it will definitely make people notice you. Having two national treasures on your chest will do that.

  8. The Atom - Charger


    This awesome device uses the power of cycling to charge your gadgets! It can charge phones, GPSs, GoPros and more. You no longer have to worry about draining battery life (looking at you iPhone), when you can literally charge it through cycling.

  9. Selle SMP Big Bum Sprung Comfort Bike Saddle

    Selle SMP Big Bum Sprung Comfort Bike Saddle


    According to the reviews, you can actually finish a long bike ride without having a newly shaped behind after. Gone are the days of saddle sores and chafing, having a comfortable bike seat is now achievable.

  10. The World's Loudest Bike Horn


    Ever caught yourself thinking, I want to annoy as many people as humanly possible today? Then this is definitely the accessory for you! Is it a little impractical? Possibly, but isn’t that worth it to beep back at cars with the decibels of a truck? I think so.

    Now all that's left to do is to pimp your bike!

BzBarlow is part of the Browzer team and loves to bake.
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